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tricone resonator

MP3 Guitar Rag

We are pleased to have supplied BRIAN FRASER
(pictured playing his Molonator)
with an aluminum tricone resonator guitar. With Brians help, Peter Moles,
at Molonator designed a tricone fitted with a SOUND CHECKER
"accu_stic" microphonic p/up, plus a P90. Each p/up is on
a seperate circuit with individual volume contol & it's
own output jack, This means the internal pickup can be sepearately
controlled from a PA or amp.Cones are supplied by "DONMO"
Quote: "The 2 line output is excellent, I EQ out most feedback
from the inside pick-up and it still gives a great blended
sound with the P90. Getting lots of comments about the
Prices start at A$1950 including hard case.

Similar to the "T-Style", this prototype tricone resonator
has an internal acoustic p/up with it's own output jack
The neck p/up is a BARCUS BERRY, & the dual concentric
control operates a volume for each p/up.
Inset shows configuration of tricones
This resonator is available at a discounted price of A$1850
hard case include

To compliment the "T-Style" model, we have introduced a
"S-Style" model
The S-Style has similar features as the T. Strat style neck is available,
with maple or rosewood fretboard.
Priced as per T-Style model