Coversions of conventional electric & acoustic guitars to resonators.


We can convert practicaly any guitar to a resonator. Some take a little more work than others. Tele's are good, also Strats, but they need repainting. Spider style is easier for acoustics. I dont like to convert higher end guitars, they are better left as they are.

In house, hand spun resonator cones.  


We currently spin both, biscuit (National style") & spider (Dobro style) cones, at our workshop in Tasmania. Cone upgrades are recomended for cheaper resonators. High end instruments will not benefit unless cone is damaged

  Aluminium Compact resonator & conventional electric guitars.


Whether it be a Tele, or a Strat look a like, we can make one. Pick a shape, decide on pick-ups etc, we can do it. Resonator options aways possible. A challenge is appreciated & may be discounted!

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