Molonator Guitars your #1 supplier for custom made aluminum electric resonator guitars.... we now offer a tricone model, so call today!! Molonator Guitars is now a Sound Checker agent and we have ton's of Resonator Gear in stock.... if you are looking for a resonator guitar or aluminum electric guitar we can supply.... so please email us today!!! or phone 0417265073 or 613 63441214... hand spun cones from A$40.... Molonator T-shirts are in, All T-shirts are A$25...

Molonator Guitars was established in 2000 by myself, Peter Moles.
I saw the need for an affordable electric resonator guitar.
My fascination with resonators, combined with my ability to design
& build, influences from friends & a resurrgence of blues,
complimented the step from hobby luthier to boutique supplier
of electric slide resonator workhorses. Molonators have now become
popular with sales in Australia & overseas. I do take pride in being
able to provide a good sounding electric slide guitar at an affordable price.
We make Molonator custom bodies & paint in the Molo factory.
We also make the maple bridges, do the wiring & have made coverplates because of short supply.
We are now spinning our own resonator cones.
The Molonator workshop is conveniently located close to my residense
& we do final assemblies in my studio, under house. An offshoot of the
above is the aluminium Molonator. Also we are pleased to be able to supply
most guitar & resonator parts & cases at a competitive price.


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