Molo cones

Molonator Guitars your #1 supplier for custom made aluminum electric resonator guitars.... we now offer a tricone model, so call today!! Molonator Guitars is now a Sound Checker agent and we have ton's of Resonator Gear in stock.... if you are looking for a resonator guitar or aluminum electric guitar we can supply.... so please email us today!!! or phone 0417265073 or 613 63441214... hand spun cones from A$40.... Molonator T-shirts are in, All T-shirts are A$25...

We are now spinning standard "spider"
&"biscuit" resonator cones.

"spider" resonator cone A$40
spider A$25
"biscuit" resonator cone A$35
biscuit bridge A$18

Please read guest book for comments from satisfied
"Molonator Resonator Cone " users.

We are pleased to have supplied Cone Installation
techniques provided by my good friend "TWEED"

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