Peter comes from a metal-working background, mainly steel, but in later years has applied and adapted his basic knowledge to include aluminium & woodworking techniques.

Molonator Guitars began & remains a small "craft business". We have been a regular supplier to the "London Resonator Center" (now closed) plus a few repeat retailers in the USA.. Output is minamal, but we do like a challenge. 7 string ali reso's plus our famous double necker, back this up.

We are proudly Tasmanian.


Molonator Guitars grew from a hobby into a part time business a few years ago. My love of music, especially, blues & slide guitar, left me wanting for a resonator guitar.

I decided to try & build one. With basic metal working skills & a determined mind, Molonator evolved into an aluminium guitar business.

 Some proto-types were unique, including an aluminium double neck (reso/tele) combo. My compact aluminium tricones are in Aus & overseas. Brian Fraser plays one.

Outputs include an aluminium bass, plus a 7 string aluminium reso, for a player in the US. Conventional  "aluminium" Strat/ Tele & Les Paul styles are also in the fleet.

Molonator convert conventional electric & acoustic guitars to resonators,

& supply & spin (in-house) both "biscuit" & "spider" resonator cones.

 I currently have wound production back, making a couple of instruments a year. Inquires welcome.



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