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Resonator Guitar Specialists

Resonator Guitar specialists

We cater to slide guitarists & resonator guitar enthusiasts needs worldwide .

Special Announcement!!

Another world first for Molonator
See our twin neck reso/tele

We are now producing a compact aluminum tricone resonator guitar!

We can custom make aluminum or timber bodied electric
resonator guitars to your requirements

We can also supply custom made aluminum bass guitars

We are the Australian agent for "sound checker" acoustic pickups

We have custom resonator guitar ,resophonic parts, including hand spun cones, P90 pickups, necks, bodies, strings etc..
Conventional aluminum "strat" or "tele" style electric guitars available

Please follow link to each of our Departments .
We also do mail orders all across the Universe...
And we now have resonator guitars in Europe and the USA

Please click on the appropriate Link below....

CALL 0417265073

Address: 44 Shirley Place, Kingsmeadows, Tasmania, Australia. 7249

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